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Quiche is a high-contrast, sans serif typeface featuring ball terminals and angled stems. This 52 font superfamily is a complete branding suite. The 4 subfamilies—Display, Fine, Stencil, and Text—were created to work harmoniously together based on the need. With weights ranging from thin to black and matching italics, there are a variety of applications that the fonts can be used for.
The design is influenced by the serif didone genre, characterized by its elegance and extreme thick/thins, but it removes the serifs for a unique and modern expression. The high-contrast style exudes sophistication, while the ball terminals soften the overall look.
For large type settings, use Quiche Display, Fine, or Stencil which have higher contrast and tighter character spacing. For smaller type settings, use Quiche Text, it has less contrast and looser spacing, making it a better reading experience at these sizes.
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