My fonts have been licensed and used by individuals, agencies, and some of the world’s leading companies, in a range of industries—from food to motorcycles to technology. Below is a snapshot capturing some of those applications found in the wild. You can find more of the companies listed in my About page.
Food Network using Neato Serif (plus Rough)
Harley-Davidson using Cheddar Gothic
Harley-Davidson using Cheddar Gothic
Starbucks using Likely
Starbucks using Likely
iD Mobile using Config
Trader Joe's using Likely
Polar Treats using Cheddar Gothic (modified)
Sam's Club Member's Mark using Citrus Gothic
Phil's Fresh Eggs using Citrus Gothic Rough
Nyjah Huston: #SkateLife using Cheddar Gothic
Logos are property of their respective owners. Images are for presentation purposes only.
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