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The Fields family is a versatile, soft serif typeface blending casual, retro tones with modern touches. Design details like rounded serifs, teardrop terminals, and subtle tails make this typeface friendly and approachable, and a large x-height with flat-topped serifs gives it an air of confidence.
Drawing inspiration from familiar classics such as Cooper and Souvenir, Fields is fitting for a contemporary expression of this style. The Fields family exudes pleasant, plumper characters with its medium contrast, while the high contrast in the Fields Display family presents something more fashionable and sophisticated.
The entire Fields family is excellent for branding right out of the box, but be sure to check out the many alternates, particularly a slanted character set that adds nostalgic appeal. Whether you want that warm, vintage 1970s vinyl record aesthetic or modern packaging with a nod toward something handmade, the range of weights and contrasts in Fields can make it a great choice.
The addition of Fields Variable gives you the use of two axes to customize weight and contrast from Extra Light to Display Black. With this comes the ability to fine-tune the tone of voice and, more precisely, meet your typographic goals and needs. There are many features included: swash capitals, stylistic alternates, case-sensitive punctuation, arrow dingbats, fractions, and over 700 glyphs for an extensive multilingual character set supporting 100+ Latin languages.
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