Harley-Davidson + Cheddar Gothic Licensing

Harley-Davidson hired a team from a range of Interpublic Group (IPG) agencies, named Team Ignite, to handle their global creative, media, and digital marketing duties. A member from that team reached out to me to negotiate a global, unlimited licensing deal to use Cheddar Gothic Sans and Cheddar Gothic Sans Italic fonts (part of the larger Cheddar Gothic font family) as the typeface for these branded campaigns. The font language support was expanded further to include even more international languages and will be used by agencies and dealerships around the world. Final deliverables included the expanded fonts, custom naming to clearly identify them as brand assets for the company, and multiple font formats for use in print, web, and digital platforms.

More information can be found here. All design examples and logos are property of their respective owners. The images displayed are for presentation of the fonts in use.

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